Swinging this flimsy pen on my hand. Tapping the table like there is music around me and I’m following its rhythm. Smiling. Alone. I opened my hand, revealing my clean palm and my empty soul. Took the pen and scribbled then suddenly found myself answering random questions from DK Tijam’s interview. Without any reasons, I just found it so fun answering these very long sets of questions.

Actually, some questions I personally changed so I can open myself to people who want to know me. And here goes my personal take:

First Part A:
1. Who is Ivy? Describe yourself in five words.

                Who is Ivy? I am just an ordinary girl, who knows how to appreciate life, love and full of hope. A girl who loves books, music and movies a lot, A girl who loves nature and a girl who is hopeless romantic.

2. What is your passion? Who influenced you in doing your passion?

                Passion in life? I love doing scripts and put it into movies, I also love music but mostly technical parts like arranging, mixing, mastering, I just love seeing sound waves. I love taking pictures, I love seeing how people smile, how people frown and all. So music, photography and movies are my passion in life. Influences in doing my passion? Well, for music, I appreciate how Jonathan Manalo does his music, he’s been indirectly mentoring me for many years by just listening his music. Next is Direk Paul Soriano, I love how he executes things in doing films. In photography, I like God how He pictured the nature, so great and wonderful.

3. Why did you stop doing productions?

                I’ve been doing short films many times but I stopped because nobody appreciates it. Nobody wants to see it. And another reason would be my father, he died asking me to stop everything and make a better life because for him, music, movies are all waste of time.

4. Who are your inspirations in life?

                Inspirations? Hmm, aside from my family, I’d say those people who are sick, especially those who have cancers. I really have a big heart for people like them. And on the lighter note, I got my inspirations through my favorite people like my favorite singer, favorite artists.

5. What made you decide to write again?

                I want to write again not because I want to go back in blogging world. Again, let me clear this, before I’ve been writing because I have to write an article because I went to this event and so, for promotions or PR, or something because someone told me to write this and that. But after I stopped writing, I realized I want to write what I really want, what comes from my heart and not just because of work matters.

6. How are you with your family?

                We’re okay. Maybe not the close type of family, because we are raised being independent. What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine, simple rule in the house…the word privacy. We are not the typical type of asking how’s your day, we’re merely like we’re family but please have your own space. I love my family, it’s like a roller coaster ride when you are in our house.

7. If you will describe your life in one song, what song would that be? And why?

                Song? Hmm, my life is full of drama, but raised being the eldest among three siblings, I can describe my life in a song called “Reflections by Lea Salonga”. Why? It simply talks about a girl who doesn’t know her own self, and that she has fears that people don’t appreciate her.

8. What are your fears in life and even in your career?

                I have lots of fears. Fears of being not accepted by many, fears of rejections. Fears of creepy things, that’s why I don’t like Halloween. I even easily get scared of those people who are shouting in front of me. I don’t like to hear someone shouted at me or others. I fear being alone in a place like bars, but I guess I overcame that when I started hanging out with some musician friends. In career, nothing, work is temporary so I don’t fear of losing jobs.

9. What are your struggles in life?

                Struggles mean challenges, so, most probably is my health. I always struggle on this. I grew up being anemic person-hemolytic-aplastic anemia to be exact, the normal blood count I have is 90/60 which makes my friends paranoid and worried about me. I nosebleed if it’s too much heat, or too much cold. I usually have blood clots and severe vertigo that even doctors don’t know why. So, mostly, I struggle to be healthy and have a normal blood count.

10. What are the happiest or saddest things in your life?

                Happiest thing in my life? Every time I see my family healthy and doing well. Seeing their smiles makes me encouraged and inspired. Sad is when I’m in pain. The most painful situation I’ve been through is when I need to face two bashing scenes or bullying. Yes, I’ve been bullied by people who don’t know me. I’ve been bullied by people who misunderstood me. And the pain of losing someone-like my father.

First Part B:

Favorite color: Pink, Blue, White, Black, Green

Favorite movie: A Walk To Remember, The Fault in our Stars, Music and Lyrics, Serendipity, Sweet November and The Notebook

Favorite actor/actress: Rachel McAdams, Mandy Moore, Paul Walker, Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, So Ji Sub, Kim Rae Won, Song Hye Kyo

Favorite singer: DK Tijam, TJ Monterde, JM De Guzman, Kim Myungsoo, Jireh Lim, Froilan Canlas, David Pomeranz, Mariah Carey, Kyla and Gary Valenciano

Favorite song/music: Tadhana and More Than You’ll Ever Know, these two songs are like sacred songs for me, it’s like my soul. Only DK Tijam is allowed to sing that. His renditions are better than any other and even better than the originals. And also I Do, Cherish you by 98 Degrees, and the ultimate Born For You by David Pomeranz.

Favorite food: Korean food-Doenjang Chigae, Kimchi-Chigae, Kimbop, Bibimbop, Japanese food-Ramen, Filipino food-kwek-kwek, Vegetable salads, and Lumpia

Favorite game/sports: The Sims, Tekken, League of Legends, Scrabble, Chess, Games of the General and Badminton

Favorite book: The Fault In Our Stars, A Walk To Remember, If I Die, The Notebook, and all Nicholas Sparks novels

Favorite show: Korean Drama, 7th Heaven, Pretty Little Liars, Friends and Greys Anatomy

Second Part:

1. Define love: Love is a very subjective word, unlike any other word in the world. I think it’s something like our fingerprints. No one can understand what another person’s definition of love is, nor can anyone ever replicate another person’s love.

2. How’s your heart? I’m okay. Inspired.

3. Are you in love now? Why are you still single? In love? What’s that? Sorry but I guess with much heart breaks from being friend zone to other heartaches, now, I don’t even know if I’m in love or not. Sometimes, people think I am ‘manhid” maybe yes but I am a huge fan of love and romance. Why am I still single? I usually get offended by this question but I do understand them, well it’s just that I don’t know too. It’s like a huge question also to me, why. Is there something wrong? I don’t know. It’s like waiting in vain.

4. Describe your ideal man: For as long as the man has a good heart, compassionate, passionate to everything, thoughtful, knows how to be romantic at all times, gentleman, smart and God-fearing. Physically, he must be smiling eyes person, and clean.

5. What is your ideal date? Beach sunset with music on the background. Or a mountain climbing since I love doing that. A candle light dinner would be a plus factor.
6. What turns you on and turns you off? Smart people turn me on, someone who can outsmart me, someone who is compassionate, kindness, humble people and most important is someone who knows how to do harana-musician, or someone who knows how to love arts. Arrogant, bully, lazy, liars, and boring people turn me off. I don’t like talkative people, or noisy. I am a silent type of person so I enjoy being in solitude. I am a geek so I prefer quiet people. I strongly don’t like people who ask stupid questions or those questions that they know the answer already. I prefer witty questions and conversations.

7. Embarrassing or unforgettable moments: Embarrassing was when I thought I forgot my cup of coffee in Coffee Bean and grab the other cup from a man, then left him without saying anything, then, after I got out, I saw my friend holding 2 cups, my cup and her cup. And I was hesitant to return the coffee until my friend went inside and explained it to the man about what happened. Unforgettable was when I first joined beauty contest when I was in elementary years, my classmates voted me to be the muse and representative of our section, and I wasn’t able to do my talent portion due to stage fright, good thing I passed the questions and answers that made me a winner.

8. What makes Ivy cry? I cried every time I heard DK Tijam’s cover song “Tadhana”. Why? That I don’t know.

9. What is your life’s biggest turning point? When I started to leave writing as a profession and start writing from the heart. People keep bashing and asking why and what if, but my decision changed me as a person and as a person who appreciate arts.

10. What is the craziest thing you do for love? I cooked his favorite food, and gave him his favorite book and cd and put it on his desk with a cute note or love poems without putting my name.

Fast talk:

Lights on or Lights off? Lights Off

Roses or Chocolates? Both

Beach or Fine Dining Restaurant? Beach-Sunset

Day time or Night time? Both

Music or Movies? Both

Foreigner or Filipino? Filipino

Bonus questions:

1. If you will write your love story, what will be the ending? I want a happy ending of course.

2. If you will describe your life, what word that will fit your life? Like what my code name says, “Chimerical Heart” I can say life is describe as chimerical. Chimerical means visionary, fantastic. I am full of visions and hopes, seems like everything is unreal but it’s fantastic.

3. If you will sing your love to describe your heart now, what song would that be? Tadhana song is best describing my heart now.

4. How do you cope up with pains? I always challenge the pain, smile in pain, and most of all, write down all the pains and burn it in trash. It’s like writing a note then literally fold that and throw into ash. Then smile as if I’m okay then listen to heartbreaks music.

And that’s all. I posted this not to boast or something but to atleast allow people to know me more.