A star was born on December 16, 1985 and was named as Dean Kristoffer “DK” Tijam. In my previous article, I featured DK Tijam’s career and his personal characters. And this time, let us know who is DK Tijam in a very personal level.

To start with, this interview was supposed to be a live interview over Skype, however, some technical matters arised. So, I decided to have it mailed to him and let him answer through audio that is posted in my SoundCloud account.

The Dream Keepers team decided to gather some random questions and asked our ballader. So here it goes.

1. Who is DK Tijam? Describe yourself in five words.

I’d say I’m quite, friendly, music describes me, food because I love food, and passionate.

2. Is music your passion? Who influenced you in music?

Yes, music is my passion. My biggest musical influences are Kyla, and Froilan Canlas but when I was a kid, my parents influences me in music because my parents play music to be able to sing with it.

3. Why did you leave Philippines 11 years ago?

I left it because I want to try something new but part of the reason would be the person.

4. Who are your inspirations in life?

Family especially my young sister. She inspires me to do things that I would love to do, and the thing that I do, and every time I am out of inspirations, I just think of her.

5. What made you decide to comeback in Philippines and do a concert?

I’d say, one of my dream is to have a concert in Manila before I turned 30 but I am already 31. Luckily, I was able to do it. But also, I want to sing for my friends, for my family, and to the people who know me, or for those people who don’t know me, I want to reintroduce my music genre to them.

6. With all the live feeds, cover songs you are doing, are these all signaling of your major comeback soon?

I’d say, I would love to have a major comeback but again I dont consider myself who are very famous, very successful and Music/Showbiz industry in the Philippines, I’d say, I want to do things one at a time and I will also say that I am not doing this just to impress people, and I do this because I know it how it feels to be alone and feels to have nothing, I want to let the people who have felt nothing that they can start something and really what they need is to have themselves, and trust in themselves. And to make sure that they are confident. Basically, just to sum it up, I just want to be different, na parang I am not your typical like singer or like artist who will just perform to just impress people. Ako ano eh, I know the pain of almost everyone, and may iba’t iba tayong levels ng pain, ngayon gusto ko gamitin yun to inspire them and say na sometimes when we go through things, there is hard in life and sometimes you just have to trust in yourself and just solve everything. it is easier said than done but that’s how you should do it.

7. How are you with your family?

We’re really really close with my family and I can say that I have a funny family, what I love about my family is that they take care of me every time they see me, because you know, I am usually away from them. So they try to make it up by cooking something for me or preparing something for me and I really really appreciate that. mahilig ako kapag siguro inaasikaso.

8. If you will describe your life in one song, what song would that be? And why?

It’s a song from the play Jekyll and Hyde, it’s a song called “Someone Like You” because it talks about a person who feels that “he is just hopeful to have someone to listen to him”, because “he knows when it happens, everything turns right.Β He feels free na parang when he knows even just one person is there, na parang he will do things bettr. And ako ganun, before the concert, I felt that no one was there, no one is really listening to me, but then, I started believing in myself and started believing na may mga taong nandyan to listen and kapag narinig nila, they will understand each other, through music.

9. What are your fears in life and even in your career?

I am scared in drowning because when I was a kid, I almost drowned and my cousins were just laughing at me. I thought I was gonna die. I am scared of spiders, Β I am actually scared of being yelled at, I dont like it when people are fighting around me.

He has a lot of fears, also of them is rejection maybe because he grew up being accepted at all times but it changed now that he is older. He also mentioned his fears in career, and that is a fear of over powering art. Or a fear of giving importance to looks rather than substance because DK preferred substance over looks.

10. If there will be a better and stable chance here in Philippines, will you give up your life in Canada?

He laughed at this question but he said; “because both countries are my home now. And let’s see, basta ayaw kong magbigay ng answer then change it later on because everyone changes. Changes is inevitable.” But who knows, he added.

First Part B:

Favorite color:

Favorite movie:

Favorite actor/actress:
Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Actress: Rachel McAdams or Kate Beckinsale

Favorite singer:
Kyla, Froilan Canlas, Amel Larrieux and Brian McKnight

Favorite song/music:
More than you’ll ever know

Favorite food:
Japanese Food, Filipino Food like sweets (Biko, Ube, halo-halo, mamon, ube cake, leche flan, Palabok, Tapsilog, Bulalo)

Favorite game:
World of Warcraft or X-men of PS2,

Second Part:

1. Define love:

Love is a magical doorway that connects you to heaven.

2. How’s your heart?


3. Are you inlove now? Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes and according to his live feeds, he is single and no date.

4. Decribe your ideal girl:

He chose not to answer this.

5. What is your ideal date?

He said, he wanted it more on private, more on quite in a candlelight dinner with a server with a violinist playing on the background and talk about the things that they liked to and after the date, he fetched the girl to the home and make sure that the girl is safe.

6. What turns you on and turns you off?

Turns on: Intelligent people, Humility, mabango, Small kind gestures in kind of good attitude kahit di na kelangan tumulong but kind pa din, Good conversationalist, genuine and appreciative.

Turns Off: Arrogance, I hate arrogant people, pretentious people, bullies, tyrants, power hungry, makulit.

7. Embarrassing or unforgetable moments:

The unforgetable moment when he was in senior(s) pageant and he was asked if who is your idol. Then, he said na yung idol ko yung mom ko kasi nakita ko sa kanya yung perseverance na maging successful yung family. And according to him, his mom cried after hearing the answer.

8. What makes DK cry?

Kapag may problem sa Family, kapag malungkot yung sister ko.

9. What is your life’s biggest turning point?

When I had to move to Canada. It changed me and my perspective.

Fast talk:

Lights on or Lights off?
Lights Off

Roses or Chocolates?

Filipino or Foreigner?

Beach or Fine Dining Restaurant?

Day time or Night time?
Night Time

Bonus questions:

1. If a girl confesses her love to you, what will you do?

He laughed at this, and he doesn’t want to be rude. So, he said, “Let’s talk, chill and enjoy other’s company”

2. If you will date someone now, what kind of date will you do?

Simple. Time with my date is more important from the date itself just to enjoy each other’s company.

3. If you will sing your love to describe your heart now, what song would that be?

Happy by Pharrel Williams

Message to the fans and to Dream Keepers:
He actually doesnt consider having fans.

“I would like to extend my genuine appreciation and genuine thanks to you because having people appreciate you, obviously encourages you to sing and perform and at the same time, validates what you do really affects them.

“Just smile. Just be happy, share the joy, just be appreciative, grateful.”

And there you go, even though our ballader kept on saying it is too long, he still managed to answer.

Take time to read or listen to his full audio answer. Just click here. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡