Music is life as they say. Perhaps a passion to many. It is not just simply singing but it is the heartbeat of someone who was born as the dream keeper.

Fresh from Toronto, Canada, Dean Kristoffer Tijam was back and held a homecoming concert entitled Restart: DK Tijam A Homecoming Concert in Teatrino, Greenhills last January 27, 2017.

But who is DK Tijam? Remember the heartthrob ballader of Star In A Million? He started his singing career when he joined the Star In A Million Season 1 where Eric Santos became the winner way back 2003. Star In A Million is a top rating singing competition show in ABSCBN Channel 2. But wait, do we really know who this man is ? Well, he is so simple and very down to earth and yes, very talented. He is DK Tijam as a grand finalist in season 1 of Star In A Million, where Erik Santos, Christian Bautista, and Sheryn Regis became popular. He was just 16 years old then. He had his album called DK: A Different Kind, where he recorded some songs back then.

(Photo credit to DK Tijam’s Facebook account)

He left Philippines in 2006 leaving everything and went to Canada. Life in Canada wasn’t easy for him at first, he shared his ups and downs like others do. He worked as a barista and more and now a coach and mentor to a voice and performing school where Elements was born and recently peformed on his concert.

If you think music is just his passion, think twice…music is his life. He made a lot of covers just to connect to his fans worldwide. He produced many cover songs and put it on his Soundcloud and YouTube account. A certified fan of the RnB Princess Kyla, he is such a fanboy who giggles and giddy when performed with Kyla.

How well do people know DK? People think he is kind, humble and talented person. But do you know that DK is not just like that. He is sweet, caring, loving, positive thinker, a dream keeper, passionate, friendly, and yes, kind hearted person, a down to earth and talented. A rare gem of his own. He has a genuine and golden heart. He will show you how important you are to him.

He enjoys simple things, he still has a child like heart where he enjoys playing games, or even hunting Pokemon, eats comfort food like what we call “kwek-kwek”, burgers, soda and to name a few.

DK is not just a friendly person, why? He personally checked all his friends and the people who support him. He makes sure he can give back all the support and in his little way, he makes sure to atleast extend his life to you. He is very supportive. Raised with love and compassion by his parents, DK learned to love people and disregard hate. But do you know that he has a very soft heart. He is like a child when he is happy or sad, he is very transparent person. He giggles on simple things, he is like a hopeless romantic when he sings, he even melts someone’s heart. He has this charm to serenade people in and out. He has his special way of reaching and inspiring people.

DK to all of his fans but personally I love calling him Dean, simply because everytime I called him DK, I thought of his siblings who shared the same initials in their names. Personally love how Dean or DK showed love to his siblings, a very protective brother especially to his younger little sister.

To many, he is a singer who melts everyone’s heart. But do you know that he is also a poet. He personally make his poetic literary pieces and put it in audio like “When Love Defeats You”, and “Loving You From Afar” to name a few, he even have shared his piece of thoughts through his 7Minute Cafe audio blog on his SoundCloud account. He is also a blogger where he puts his creative writings published on his WordPress account. Aside from his online radio portal program show called Barkada Talk where some of his friends joined him in an informative and interactive discussion of certain topics. Personally, I fell in love with his creativity, his creative mind and his poetic heart. I am a huge fan of his music and literary pieces.

Fast forward to 2017, he is back in Toronto, Canada but promised his fans to be back in Philippines soon. But personally missing him, the way others miss him too. But for now, let’s enjoy his recent videos covered by some noted media by Qritiko Kapamilya-Janel Arcillas, Orange Magazine, Wish FM and more.

Personally hoping one day, that our Toronto dude, our RnB heartthrob ballader will stay in Philippines and restart his career. But for now, here’s the link of his full concert video coverage, just click 👇.