Less than one month from now, we will elect and vote for the new sets of leaders in our country. Have you already decided whom to cast your votes?

Today because of the blue ink electoral fraud is no longer through flying voters, but you would be gullible if you think fraud and cheating no longer happens. Given the reality who should we vote.

First of all thank God that you live in a democracy. No doubt it is an imperfect forms or system of government but given the alternatives it is probably the best there is.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” — John Quincy Adams

As you vote, consider that whoever you put into office will be prone to this reality of power and demanding certain rights. In many cases he or she doesn’t have any choice. To get into office they will have to please as many people as possible. And you know that’s impossible. Once in office they will have to please many more to stay there.

Ang gulo gulo ng pulitika sa bansang Pinas lalo sa ngayon, pero kahit ganun kagulo, still interesting sya as compared to others. Daig ng pulitika ang mundo ng showbiz, although kung titingnan same silang public figures at laging apple of eyes ng press at media.

Pero kahit magulo, carry pa naman, sana lang matino na talaga manalo this election para di sayang ung boto nating lahat na Pinoy. Kasi 6 years yan mamumuno sa bansa, 6 years na pagkalugmok ba o 6 years na maayos na gobyerno? ‪#‎thinkfofuturegeneration‬, sa 6 years, ano ba ang nais natin para sa bansa, sa pamilya at sa atin mismo, at higit sa lahat sa 6 years na susunod na henerasyon?

To please people they will need to do them certain favors. Compromise is inevitable. It’s just a question of magnitude.

The problem of Philippines is not only FOCUS ON ‪#‎Corruption‬ ‪#‎Drugs‬ and‪#‎Criminality‬, there is a huge battle for Foreign Policy and West Philippine Sea Issue, Seguridad at safety ng hindi lang mamamayan bagkus ng buong bansa laban sa ibang bansang sumasakop sa atin, Economic issues, Transportation and traffic, Human Rights Abuse issues, Politics itself at Education, Health, Work and labor, at marami pang iba.

Kaya sana ung mapipili as next president, hindi lang nakafocus sa iilang issues. Matibay na plataporma ang kailangan para maging maayos ang lahat ng mga yan.

Rationalize and think out of the box…research before making decisions and lastly, vote wisely.

So who should you vote?

One who is known to uphold justice. This is the primary role of a leader in civil government. One who will not tolerate nepotism and favoring family and friends even when they are guilty of wrong doing. One who will ensure fair play.


As we all know, many of our candidates nowadays are really competitors. They know the situation of the country but few of them have a concrete and solid vision for our country. Candidates promise a lot of things, from the inner core of Filipino values, they wanted to end the roots of the problems why we have certain issues in Philippines.


However, only a few know the truth. There are social media criticisms whether true or not, candidates being the subject of their own bullying tactics. Some are silently doing well. Some make personal and biased opinions but facts are vague and obscure.

In this kind of society we have where social media like Facebook and Twitter became a medium of campaigns, we, the voters most especially should be responsible enough to know the truth first before making our decisions in casting our votes.

In choosing candidates, we should know not only the plans, not only their love for their country, not only their invested fame, not only their achievements but as much as possible, check on the character they possess. Do they uplift Filipino values in many ways? Do they have respect for people not just in front of camera but behind the camera? Do they possess good educational background for them to have a strong foundation when it comes decision making? Do they possess good and clean track record as a public servant? How’s their lives outside politics? How good are they in their families, friends and even in their neighborhood?

Do not be easily persuade by their promises, learn to balance the truth from lies. Open your eyes and research, think a hundred times before making your decisions.

Check the present situation of your country and check the platforms of these candidates? Who suits the visions for your country?

In tagalog; “wag magpapadala sa mabubulaklak na salita, sa mga pangakong alam nating imposible at pawang false hopes.” The Philippine situation is like a cancer patient…we don’t need a politician politicizing the real score of our nation.

Philippines deserves to have a leader who fears God above all. The one who have a big heart to serve and not just as a public servant but a servant by heart. Someone who values his or her principles, who knows how to make decision without the help of his or her cronies or allies. We need a leader who knows what being a leader means. 

What we need is a leader who knows the real needs of Philippines. Filipinos should and a must to see the truth behind those politicians who truly politicizing the real scenario in Philippines.

So in conclusion, pray and vote wisely.