Barely 3 years ago, it was November 7, 2013 exactly 4 pm, when our boss introduced me to you to be in your team. Honestly, I found you so interesting during that time.

I was mesmerized by your own charm. I felt nervous, shy and a mix of unexplainable emotions. Then you asked my name but you choose my pen name.

Placed me in a seat near your table, I kinda shy and aloof, but deep inside my heart, I want you to be my friend, a close friend like others.

Months have passed, chatted and talked about life and work stuff, I’ve learned that you are a geek like me, a musician, an artist and a gamer too, just like me.

From then, I began to fall for you, falling in love but never loved by your love is the biggest struggle and battle I have to face each day. You don’t have any idea how painful to see you each day, to be in your team and bear all the pain inside. It was one of the biggest trauma that I encountered.

One day, an issue arose and ruined my life. An issue that was never resolved. Don’t know why but I found it so weird that I had to endure those pains and hoping one day, it will soon gone. But still you don’t even care.

I started to seclude myself and boxed myself. Alone and didn’t talk to you because someone told me to stay away from you. Someone threatened me and told me to stop befriending you. It was so painful, seeing you near yet so far to reach.

Then one day, you fell in love with our colleague, whom sooner became my close friend, saw you happy and inspired, I pretended to be okay and that everything was doing well. Again I endured the pain alone until a time I heard you broke up. I felt sad and hurt for you.

Then one day, you left the team, I thought, it was the best time to move on. But I failed.

I always missing you. You are always in my heart and mind though you deleted me in your social media account, still you I always wanted.

After a year, I left the company, I started to pursue my dreams in production, met a lot of people but you know what, still you in my heart.

Now, I am writing this because I simply miss you. I may not be a perfect, good looking girl of your dreams but I guess, I deserved to forget you.

If you only knew that up until now, you own a big space in my heart.

How do I unloved you? Please tell me…it is still you.

If someday you will read this, I hope you still remember my name, someone who will always love you and care for you, someone who always supports you even in silence, someone who has “Faith” in you.

P. S.:

I love you, #LMC.



I’m always here when you call
I’m always here when you fall
From the edge of your sorrows
I’m always here
When you’re in need of a shoulder to cry on

I’m always here by your side
You’re using me as your guide
When you’re feeling confused
See to it that I could offer you
In the best way that I can be

Still you cannot see
What you’re doing to me

I am falling at the edge of my heart
I can’t remember when did this feelings start
Trying to stop this nonsense
But it’s hard for me to bear
But you’ll seeb
I’m just here, just here

I’m always there
When you’re alone
I’m always ask you if you’re home safe and sound
I was there when you courted her
Wishing that I was the one you are longing

Willing but you cannot see
What you’re doing to me.

Repeat Chorus