Guys, you must know that if a girl loved you then, chances are she still loves you heaps now. She’s probably crying herself to sleep every night over you while trying her hardest to keep on a happy face during the day. Most likely, she still thinks about you all the time, everyday. She probably still sits there imagining her future with you in it, then thinks back to the past and shatters. Whenever something happens to her, good or bad, she’s most likely thinking of you and wishing that she could tell you all about it. Whenever she hears a song on the radio she’ll think of you, not only because the song reminds her of you but also how much of her broken life right now can relate to the song. Whenever she watches a romantic movie or sees a cute couple, hand in hand, she starts to die a little more inside knowing that what used to be is now just a memory.

Whenever she thinks of you, she smiles, yet at the same time, she is suffering. Although she may not show it, she is suffering a great deal of pain. She’s suffering from remembering those happy moments that she’ll always remember but it seemed that you’ve already forgotten. She’s afraid that you might forget her along the way as well. On the outside, she may seem like all smiles and laughter, but what is behind the mask is someone who knows really well how to hide themselves. You have no idea just how much pain she is suffering. She still hurts, because the memories of you and her are not only too hard to forget, she also doesn’t want to forget, though sometimes she tries to forget, everything just somehow reminds her of you all over again. She re-reads your old texts and convos because she misses you and what used to be. she misses your hugs, she misses your smiles. She misses you entirely. She loves you. She fell for you, and you just watched her fall. Seriously, if you didn’t intend to catch her, then don’t lead her on, don’t get her hopes up, cause the harder she falls for you, the more pain she’ll end up having to go through afterwards. Don’t tell her you love her if you don’t mean it, chances are, she might do something crazy like believe it.


For the guys reading this, know that no matter how strong a girl may look on the outside, we all go through some sort of pain on the inside when you leave us.
And for the girls reading this, there must’ve been one boy in particular that was on your mind the whole entire time.