A girl dressed in formal carrying her papers and submitted it to a company. She was about to take her exam when someone assisted her in a testing room. A man is tall in fair complexion. After an hour, the girl submitted her exam and waited for the results.
After a couple of interviews, finally, the girl had her job. Start working alone since the project she handled is online. Months have passed, when the girl start noticing a man in a pantry, every time the girl is in the pantry, this man is always there. Silently watching her moves, her conversation with coworkers. 
This man is the same man she saw during her exam. This man was the one assisted the girl for her test. One day, the girl was having a hard time doing her job so she decided to look at the door when this man arrived and made a wink on her as he smiled and started to log in for his shift. 
From that day, this girl noticed his presence. He is cute, tall, silent and looks like a smart one. Days have passed, this girl started to study and quest for codes. Without even knowing any information about the silent man, the quest for codes started a way to make them closer. 
While working on the codes, they have learned their similarities and differences from music, books, hobbies and so on.
As they became closer, silence started to build its wall between them. There is a deafening silence between them. 
Issues started to outgrow, things become complicated and worst. It becomes a silent mind game between the two.
Will the code they are solving will be a way to keep their friendship? Or will the code totally divide them? Where will silence lead them? 
(Whole story to be published on February 14, 2016)