The reason why I wrote this is not about choosing my favorite but to give my fair views about the 2 segments of 2 different shows in 2different and biggest network in the Philippines.

To start with, I grew up watching Eat Bulaga, it is the same of my age, so I might say, Eat Bulaga is really part of my life. But then, I have my personal preference when it comes to network. Yes, I am a certified Kapamilya, ABSCBN supporter but it doesn’t mean I will be biased in giving my opinions.

Eat Bulaga is solely produced by TAPE, a blocktimer of GMA-7, meaning the said show is not owned and produced by GMA-7. However, It’s Showtime is solely owned and produced by ABSCBN itself.

Let’s all admit that Eat Bulaga is a certified institution of Philippine Noontime TV show until It’s Showtime was born.

The hosts of It’s Showtime respect Eat Bulaga, why? Some of the host came from Eat Bulaga itself. Jhong Hilario, Vhong Navarro are mainly part of Streetboys who started their careers way back early ’90’s in Eat Bulaga.

Now, let’s talk about this segment war of 2 shows.

The AlDub #Kalyeserye

AlDub is a kalyeserye of Eat Bulaga in Juan For All, All For Juan. Aldub starred Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Alden Richards is a Kapuso star and tagged as the Pambansang Bae while Maine Mendoza is tagged as Yaya Dub from her comic Dubsmash and as the internet sensation.

They became an instant partner or love team in Eat Bulaga. Their fans are growing in millions. They broke records in Twitter trending and all.

This Kayeserye dubbed as #AlDubNation fever, shows good values in comedy way. I haven’t watched any episode of this because I have work but reviewing some reviews gives me an accurate way to give my opinion.

Things learned in AlDub:

  1. Filipino Values– the segement of AlDub is really reviving the Filipino culture of old courtship and love story must be. The pressence of the grandmothers especially Lola Nidora is really reminding us that love is not easy. Love waits. Dubbed and tagged with #AlDubSaTamangPanahon is really showing us that love can wait, love waits and even a simple saying based on the Bible, “there’s a time for everything.”
  2. Proper Courtship- this segment reminds us that girls are special and for boys to get a girl is through courtship. Proper courtship starts at home and with family. Yes, a simple coursthip with kilig factor starts at home, not on streets, not in text messages nor chats.
  3. Purity– this segment, with the guidance of Lola Nidora, shows that love must be pure and not lustful. Purity of intensions, purity in actions and most of all purity and sincerity of love and feelings. No touch policy of the grandmothers in the segment is really great. It shows respect.

I believed that love is made by God and it must be sacred, true love waits. Romance or the kilig is one factor of love but NOT the total basis of what love is.

Now, let me give you the the Pastillas Girl.

The Pastillas Girl #Realiserye

It’ Showtime came across to have a new segment called #TheRealiseryePastillasGirl.

Angelica Jane Yap known as the Pastillas Girl. Known for her hugot quotes from her broken heart.

This Realiserye talks about moving on, hurts and pains of having a broken heart.

Things learned from Pastillas Girl story:

  • Facing your pains.– the segment shows that Angelica is in pain and that is because of her ex boyfriend. Angelica faced her pains by having new friends. Admit it or not, many of us, once brokenhearted, the tendency is to be friendly to other people. We opt to talk to many even to strangers just to atleast released the pains we have.
  • Accepting your pains.-many might disagree with me, but in order for us to be strong and brave enough to stand again from the pit we are in is to accept the pains and make those as a challenge for us to be better.
  • Cure the pains.-this is not about having another relationship. Not being “malandi” or what. Time heals all wounds. As time goes by, we realized that the pains are now gone. Yes, it remains as ascar but soon we can even face even the painful past that we have with smiles and no regrets.
  • Empower yourself.-being single and loveless means a lot. You don’t need to be in a relationship to empower and develop yourself. You can be better being single. Empowering yourself is somehow like enhancing skills, develop personal characters and personality and more.

Now let me tell you my opinion.

Both shows aim to give fun and excitement to audiences. Both shows are good. Nominated and won different awards show that the shows are doing good. Being a fan is what makes network war.

The truth is this. YayaDub or Maine Mendoza is a certified Kapamilya supporter, that she even admitted that she watched Kapamilya shows, however she even said that she is only a Dabarkads, meaning she knows that Eat Bulaga is not a Kapuso produced shows. Meanwhile, the Pastillas Girl Angelica Yap shows support to AlDub that she even mentioned her kilig while watching the Kalyeserye.

What is my point here?

*Respect-both phenomenal internet sensation stars shows respect to what they are doing on national TV. They even shared tweets supporting each other’s shows. They respect the shows and hosts on both sides.

*Rival-rivalry in ratings yes, rivalry in trending tweets yes but actually there is no REAL rivalry on both ends, the only things the shows want to do, is to fully give fun and entertainment to all their audiences.

*Ratings-this involves the job of audience, the followers, supporters who really makes one show a top rater. But does this matter? For some yes, for production, somehow yes because if the show is not doing well, the tendency is kill it. But for It’s Showtime and Eat Bulaga, this is the last option. The bottom line is how to make people happy everyday during the dead hours of lunch or noon time.

The Kalyeserye and Realiserye are both doing good in noon time shows. Congratulations to the writers especially to segment writers who really squeeze their brain cells just to give people a worth watching shows.

For everybody who are watching both shows, have we ever thanked those people behind the success of those segments? Remember this, No AlDub nor Pastillas Girl if not because of those people behind the cameras.

“Wala kayong titilian o pag aawayan sa Twitter o anumang media sites kung wala ang mga nagpuyat, naghirap sa brainstorming, mga napapagod mag isip at gumawa ng script para sa ating lahat, sana bago tayo mag away sa kung sino ang magaling, sino ang sikat, sana isipin natin kung sino ang tunay na karapat dapat sa lahat ng tagumpay na yan. Kung di mo kilala, sila po ang nasa likod ng camera, ang writers, producers, directors pero higit sa lahat ay mga writers na pumipiga ng isip nila para lamang may magandang story na maibigay sa bawat isa sa atin.”

Having said that, I personally say that I support both. Not about the stations or channels, not about the shows nor the hosts, but the fun and lessons the segments give me everyday.

With Eat Bulaga, the hosts Tito, Vic and Joey are highly respected by people but they even give respect to ABSCBN when they choose to secure their songs and give the full rights to manage to ABSCBN’s music team-Star Music/Star Records.

With It’s Showtime, the hosts Vice Ganda and the rest of the hosts are really in high respect to Eat Bulaga that they even show the #PabebeWave on national TV and even some Kapamilya stars shows kilig and support to #AlDub.

So where is this war coming? Respect and learn that this is only a show that provides great fun and purely entertainment to people, no personal matters involved.

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