Music has its own way of capturing one’s heart. And truly, this song captures mine.

Being a fan started way back I first heard his first song entitled “Ikaw At Ako”, since then it became my lullaby, my so called inspiration and a kilig song to name a few.

Haven’t met the singer yet I treated the song so special. Until one day, my boss told me to interview him because he is part of the so called YouTube sensation. So, during the planning of interview, we failed to meet personally due to hectic schedule we both have. So, the interview was all online. I haven’t expected he will answer all my questions and even sent a video about it through my personal email. He even added me in his personal social media account and even gaveme his personal number and I might say, atleast establish good friendship with him.

Two weeks ago, a friend shared to me a link of his new song, a teaser. From that day, I sent him a message and presto he confirmed it.

This new song called “Tulad Mo” to which he confirmed to me through chats, that he wrote the song. Well, indeed a beautiful song. 

Here’s my review regarding the song:

The song is nice, cool and full of love.


                    The lyrics is full of love. It is like narrating a conversation at t first few lines. It is similarly of a guy asking a girl about basic information. A typical getting to know each other stage. Then apparently the story evolve, this guy fell in love with the girl but he can’t say it directly, to which a typical guy entering to courtship stage. Love blossoming and the so called promises of a man to every woman. 

                      So catchy is the lyrics and so emotional. A teen heart on the process of falling inlove. So ideal.


                      There is a story within the lyrics. The song is so mild and has an indepth story to write. A typical script of a man courting a woman. You can feel the emotions in every lines. What captures my heart is the chorus part wherein the man is asking for a chance to  a woman to give him a chance to be her man. It has respect, it has a value of respecting woman by asking her as a man. 


                     The song shows how Filipino men love women. It shows how someone respect a woman. How he valued a woman’s personality. It only shows that when you love someone, you should know how to respect, love and care as if treating a woman as a Princess.                    

The truth is…every woman is God’s princess so no one is allowed to hurt a girl.

                       The harana values  is randomly seen in every lyrics. It means every man is entitled to serenade girls as you show your pure intention. It hopes and gives happiness and not sadness. The harana values is a true Filipino culture but forgoten nowadays. And TJ is really a huge fan of harana. That’s a good attitude. A lot of couples way back in the past lasted for so long because the harana which gives kilig is very present, unlike now. Sad to say, couples nowadays are easily hurting each other, misunderstanding leads to parting ways, why? Because most of relationship now forgot to nurture the kilig ingredient needed in every relationship.

But most of all, God must be in the center above everything else.
Well, aside from this elements of music, I would like to appreciate the singer behind this, he is raised from Davao City and now here in Manila, started as VJ in one audition then a TV guestings in Davao until he tried his luck in Manila and started doing songs under Polyeast Records. He is a God-fearing man who wants to serenade girls through his songs. He is no other than Titus John Monterde or known as TJ Monterde.


Yes, he is the voice behind the song Tulad Mo  released just today under Polyeast Records.

Here’s the link of his song uploaded in Youtube.
Anyway, want to know more about TJ? Just visit my interview write up for him. Here’s the link.

Lesson learned: 

The song teaches me to wait for the one and be happy staying in love with positive outlook. 

So now, enjoy his songs and lets share it. Happy listening to a very cool and kilig song from TJ Monterde.