I simply dont write blogs if I  dont want, simply because I dont want to sound tragic with my articles. However, last week, this movie caught my attention because of some issues comparing to another international films called Begin Again and personally I compared it with Music and Lyrics movie. 

However, I personally like this movie for some reasons.

First, the movie is about two people who likes music a lot. Someone who does music and fall in love. Music has the power to connect to our inner soul.

I am not a big fan of Sarah Geronimo yet I’ve watched all her movies with John Lloyd Cruz and I like the way she gave “kilig” to viewers. I’d rather want her to host or dance than singing and acting. But her personality is very unique and great. I covered her show before and it was indeed a humble experience for me to see her infront of her fans and press. She is very nice and down to earth person.

Another cast is Piolo Pascual, well, I am not a huge fan here but because he is my churchmate, I have seen him in a different way. Piolo or we call him PJ, he is a God-fearing man, very serious man and down to earth as well. He is good actor, one of the best in his generation. Meet him personally and even had a chance to cover some of his presscons and not only that, I even saw him in some of his music shows, collected some of his songs through itunes and even saw all his tv drama shows.  


Photo taken from Piolo’s event before

And of course, the director that made this, is one of my favorite and even the writer of this who happened to be my new favorite director as well, no other than the real life couple director-Direk Dan Villegas and Direk Antoinette Jadaone. I even met the two directors and had a chance to ask some tips before regarding directing since it is my ultimate dream as well. 


Photo taken from old post presscon “That Thing Called Tadhana”

Anyway, The Break Up Playlist is a movie where I fell in love with the cast and crew including with story and music itself. Here’s my review for the movie:


          The story is typical couple story as boyfriend/girlfriend, however, the story is deep because it tackled about the struggles of each character between love, life, career and family. Their dreams to become a star in music industry is really the main plot of it aside from the love story conflicts between Sarah and Piolo. The struggles of what is needed to prioritize, your love and relationship, your dreams or yourself. Somehow, it talks about reality nowadays.

         I, myself had been struggling many times in career, choosing career against love against others. I saw myself with Gino’s character. Why? As an amateur musician, many I have waited until now to have my music be heard. Struggle to pursue it or prioritize my family. But then, all the heartaches and pains, I saw myself with Trixie’s character, the way she managed the pains and even stand again. Life is indeed not easy.


          The music or soundtrack is very awesome. A mind blowing collaboration with Yeng Constantino and my favorite composer ever since he did TARATENA, no other than Jonathan Manalo, I used to call him kuya Jo since during his early years in music industry, I used to invite him most to our church youth gatherings, and now, he’s really making all his dreams come true. Paano Ba Ang Magmahal? is the official soundtrack of the movie, it made me cry many times while listening to this. I saw myself in every lyrics. And goosebumps, superb arrangement, mixing and all. It suits the movie, it is a clear description of what the movie is all about.


           Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo, this is their first ever team up. At first, I am not convince they can do it. The first time I heard about Sarah being with Piolo in a movie, my mind is asking “why not Toni Gonzaga” just to have the second movie after Starting Over Again. But then, Sarah proved it wrong, she proved that she can be also a good pair for Piolo, at first I thought, they are like brother/sister in the movie. But yet, age doesn’t matter, they did it well.  Trixie and Gino’s characters are perfect for both of them. It is like tailor made for each other.


            I also love the way the movie features different OPM artists like my favorite Yshamael “Yael” Yuzon of Sponge Cola, and among others, as well as with some composers like Trina Belamide, Jungee Marcelo and others…which reminded me of the set up we have every Elements Music Camp held every year in Dumaguete where all aspiring musicians gather in one place to learn music from the experts which I plan to join this year.

 Photo credit: Spongecola’ FB site

Well, the movie is exactly the mirror of what life does musicians have. 

It is also the mirror of what does it means to love, to be brokenhearted and to move on.

It is also a mirror of what forgiveness is all about.

However, I wont end this post without posting my favorite quotes given by Sarah Geronimo as Trixie…

Anong ginawa ko sa akin? Pinatay mo ako ako! Please ha do me a favor, get out of my life! Wag mo na ako patayin ulit!

And the epic word that sometimes life is like this…

Flat ka!

And if some people might agree with me….with these quotable quotes from the movie… #hugotlines

Siya ang lucky charm ko. Mahal na mahal ko ‘to eh.” – Gino

“Ikaw ‘yung tipo ng babaeng pinapakasalan.” – Gino

“Sa dulo ng lahat ng ito, may nakikita ako. Hindi ikaw, hindi rin ako. Tayo.” – Trixie 

“Alam mo ba kung ga’no kahirap na nasa isang banda tayo, pero para sa lahat, ikaw ang magaling?” – Gino

“O sige ayoko na! I quit your band!” – Trixie

“Do me a favor. Umalis ka na rin sa buhay ko!” – Gino

“Ano’ng mahal pa rin kita? After three years, mahal mo pa rin ako? Do me a favor, ‘wag mo na ‘kong patayin ulit!” – Trixie

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