Life is not perfect. As the saying goes, “Nobody is perfect.” People are called sinners. No one has the right to self declare perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. 

Perfectionism is a way of making things right and best to qualify the world’s standards. Humans are not born to be perfect. We all commit mistakes. Even biblical characters were sinners or imperfect.

“God doesnt call the qualified, but qualifies the called.” 

It means that God called us not because of what we are and what good things we do but He we are called and chosen to qualify the standards He has for us. God’s standard is not for being perfect. But for what is lacking.

Imagine a perfect person…no sins, no mistakes…no faults and all…do you think that person needs God? Of course Not, so, God wont call the perfect because no one is perfect, everyone is sinners.

The world we live in is a sick world, we need someone who can cure and heal us figuratively and physically.

Great people or well known people has dark sides to hide. Some are known in public but most keep for private. 

The point here is, if God calls the imperfect people, the worst person and the sinners to be part of His kingdom, then NO ONE among His creations like humans have the right to JUDGE others. 

The problem here is people are really Fault finder, accusser, judgemental to think we are allequally sinning against God.

The Bible says, We sinned against God and the wages of sin is death but because God loves us, He gave His life for us to be saved and have life…
The only way to get out from this pit, is to surrender to God and make Him as our personal Saviour and Lord. Walk with Him always and follow Him.

Life is too short, only God knows the beginning and the end. We are chosen and called by God…He didint call us because we are perfect, He called us because we lack something and that something is Him, only God completes us.

Remember, if you lack of something, no need to worry because God can use that lacking to simply be the person God wants us to be. We are destined to do His will and not our own will. 

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