Types of Answering ServicesBy: Ivy Fernandez

In digital age, business sectors has been doing a lot of innovative way to expand their services even in digital platforms.

Business companies have different types of answering services to the most of their clients.

First is what we call The Live Answering Services. It is the most effective way and common method to communicate with people. Using telephones and mobile phones, they use to render services for their clients. It is like answering calls like you were talking personally and doing business face to face. It takes time yet shows professionalism because of interpersonal communication which both can directly tell the messages for a better understanding. This type of service can work for a lot of businesses, and can handle a wide range of call volumes, which is why it’s the most popular and the most common.

Another one is what we call The Automated Answering Service. It is the common way to a big companies where all local numbers needed. It is a way of answering queries from one local to another and somehow indirectly putting you on hold after a minute of waiting. It is usually use for bigger companies where a lot of departments but using one trunk line numbers. It is what we call the telephone operators who usually transfer your calls to the right person you are calling. It is best way if people are looking for a 24/7services but serves risky because it is like a voicemail as well following automated instructions until you reach the right person you want to speak with.

Third is The Internet Answering Services. These answering services would also include features such as accessing your messages online, live web chat services, answering web inquiries, and order processing. In this services, people may inquire online and a generated messages will reply to you telling the answers to your queries. This is also a live chat support where online transactions are being made. It is a way of sending messages through emails, chat and other process.

Lastly is what we call The Call Center Services. This is very common nowadays. With BPO as what we can refer them. They cater a huge amount of calls everyday from different parts of the world. It is like a Live Answering Services but to a specific task of qualifying the lead, taking orders, placing orders and assisting clients needs accordingly. It requires time to assist each clients over the phone having measured of quality and quantity of calls.

These four types of answering services play the biggest role in a company. It is where communication starts leading to understanding the clients and giving the satisfactory rate of customer services.