There’s a Call to AnswerBy: Ivy Fernandez

Our busy days sometimes hinder us to listen equally to what we are saying. Many of us assume things to know rather than really know everything. In a busy world of digital age, there is always deafening sound of silence but through that silence, a certain answer hides.
How do we listen and answer to somebody’s query?
A lot of BPO’s or call center companies cater a large group of calls everyday. How can an agents be a smart as he can in handling calls?
Normally, we answer calls politely and professionally. Handling and attending to customers services diligently. Making the customers feel they are special. But what happen if someone is an irate caller? Can someone handle his temper?
There is a big test in every calls. A time to listen and carefully giving the right services to the caller or a time to conduct and analyze how to handle some cold calls. 
Time constraining is one enemy of handling an irate caller. But professionally, we should give a slow to anger attitude that shows patience, understanding and calmness in times of difficult situations especially if you are on the floor taking calls.
Never let pressure stresses your mood, instead, be the first one to give positive thinking in your mood. Answering the call with calmness, understand the caller and put yourself on the caller’s shoes so you can easily tap his or her needs and always make a connection, build rapport to clients so they can feel that they can trust you without looking and seeing you. Always give them a very good ambience though it is only over the phone. In that case, the client may feel their importance and think that they talk to a new family.
Remember that they called because they need someone to talk to and to help them. So there is an urgency from their calls that need to be addressed as soon as possible. 
Communication is a two process, one might talk and the other to listen, in this way, better conversation will start to bring harmonious relationship towards a client and an agent.
Think first before giving opinion to avoid conflicts that may result to miscommunication.