Despite of hardships and all trials, hard work pays off. From the glamour they have now, who can even say that they even work odd jobs and some blue collared job. There are celebrities that even they are famous nowadays, still their past jobs became their edge to reach their dreams, and considered as a successful person.

Here’s the list of celebrities who work first. Ever wondered what their jobs were before they hit the jackpot? Here is a list of jobs these celebrities had before they became famous.

  • Jericho Rosales was a fish vendor, a service crew at Greenwich, and the a personal driver

Jericho “Echo” Vibar Rosales (born September 22, 1979) is a Filipino cinema and television actor, singer, and songwriter. He is the uncle of young actor John Manalo. He was discovered on the television program Eat Bulaga! Mr. Pogi 1996. His story was an ever inspiring Rags to Riches one. Jericho Rosales has made no secret of his roots as a fish vendor. He is, in fact, proud of it. He’s obviously not a stranger to hard work. As a child, he used to help his mother, who was a fish vendor, sell fishes. As he grew older, he did more odd jobs, from being a service crew at Greenwich to, finally, become a driver. He is now a renowned actor and singer plus an endorser. Currently part of Bridges of Love which airs in ABS-CBN and happily married to Kim Jones.

  • Coco Martin was waiter, caregiver in Canada

Many of us Filipinos, Coco had left the country in search of greener pastures. A graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management at 24, he embarked on a journey many Filipinos take overseas. It wasn’t long before Coco would of course realize that his true calling was to become an actor, much loved by many Filipinos all over the world. Rodel Luis Cortez Nacianceno (born on November 1, 1981 in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines) known as Coco Martin is a Gawad Urian Award-winning Filipino actor. He became famous for starring in independent films, and was dubbed the “Prince of Philippine Independent Films”. He is now an actor and an endorser of many products.

  • Vice Ganda was a stand-up comedian and a rug vendor

Vice Ganda knew what his talent was, and that was to make people laugh with his quick wit. He worked with this talent, never giving up, until he caught the hearts of many Filipinos. Jose Marie Borja Viceral (born March 31, 1970), who uses the stage name Vice Ganda, is a Filipino television presenter, endorser, actor, and recording artist. Viceral is a regular host/judge on ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show It’s Showtime, and has starred in several films, four of which are considered the highest-grossing films in Philippine cinema. His story of rags to riches is very inspiring that he deserves every success he has now.

  • Isko Moreno was a garbage collector

Francisco Domagoso (born October 24, 1974) is a Filipino politician and the current Vice Mayor of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, and a former three-term councilor of the city’s first congressional district. He was also an actor, using the screen name Isko Moreno, who became known for his mature roles in the “Titillating Films” genre that was prevalent in the country during the 1990s. He found alternative sources of income at the age of 10 by pushing a cart and going house-to-house to gather old newspapers and used bottles, then reselling them at a local junk dealer. He also rummaged through restaurant garbage bins for leftover food, which his mother would recook for dinner. His story is very encouraging and well deserved to have success.

  • Nora Aunor sold water and peanuts at a train station

Nora Aunor, for all the fame and acclimation she has today, also came from humble beginnings. In order to help her family, she had sold bottled water and peanuts to the passengers boarding the train near her their house at a young age. Her poverty, however, turned out to be her driving force to move into the world of entertainment where she stood out above the rest. Nora Aunor (born Nora Cabaltera Villamayor on May 21, 1953) is a Filipina actress, recording artist, and film producer. Aunor has also appeared in several stage plays, television shows, and concerts. She is known as Philippine cinema’s Superstar and is regarded as the People’s National Artist.

  • Richard Gomez worked at McDonald’s

Richard Frank Gomez (born April 7, 1966) is a Filipino actor, model, athlete, television presenter, and director. He is one of the famous actors in Philippine Cinema. He graduated from the University of the Philippines Open University (Associate in Arts, 2009). He is one of ABS-CBN’s contract actors. But before his success as an actor, he started out quite humbly too. He worked in Mcdonald’s as a crew during his younger years, and was alleged to be very popular among the college girls. This was where he was actually discovered and persuaded to enter into the world of business. His description was The Original Heartthrob.

  • Ai-Ai Delas Alas worked as a sales lady

Martina Aileen de las Alas, professionally known as Ai-Ai de las Alas (born November 11, 1964), is a Filipino actress of film and television, dubbed as the “Philippine Queen of Comedy” and “Comedy Concert Queen”. De las Alas first gained nationwide recognition for her movie Ang Tanging Ina which became a blockbuster hit. Due to the movie’s popularity, it received a TV series spin-off with Alas again taking the lead role. The movie eventually spawned two sequels; “Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat” and “Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na ‘To!) Ai-Ai, for all her hilarious jokes, worked very hard for the success that she has today. She started out as a sales lady at a department store as well as a stand-up comedian in Manila before she was discovered and turned into the Comedy Queen we all know and love today.

  • Marvin agustin was a fast food crew

Marvin Jay Cuyugan Agustin, better known by his stage name, Marvin Agustin, (born January 29, 1979) is a Filipino actor and entrepreneur. Marvin Agustin starred in more than 30 Filipino movies and TV series, including Marilou Diaz-Abaya’s Noon at Ngayon, Chito Rono’s Dekada ’70, Laurice Guillen’s Tanging Yaman, Jose Javier Reyes’ Kutob, Marilou Diaz-Abaya’s Maging Akin Muli, Joyce Bernal’s Hey Babe, Jerry Lopez Sineneng’s Labs Ko Si Babes, Jose Javier Reyes’ Whattamen, Laurenti Dyogi’s Gimik and Olivia Lamasan’s Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako. Agustin attended International School for Culinary arts and Hotel Management, he joint ventured with the restaurant entrepreneurs and called it Sumo Sam, which specializes in Japanese-American modern cuisine. He also co-owns a Japanese restaurant called John and Yoko, as well as the Cafe Ten Titas restaurant. But before he became a successful actor and businessman, he was once a crew to a fast food chain.

Success cannot be measured overnight. It is a long process. A journey where all starts from a simple dream. It was all even starts in single step of being hardworking and enduring the hardships. Success will definitely become the total package of personality. What they are now is simply because once in their lives, they dream of something big.