Last week, a KFC manager who happened to be called handsome became viral because of his photos. Christopher Sengseng was an apple  of the eye of many  netizens.

Christopher Sengseng, the manager of a branch of KFC who’s also a regulation hottie.

After Lavinia Herbert, facebook user posted a stolen shot of a hunk KFC Manager with a caption “Kuya, Patikim naman ng gravy” on social media last April 19, the photo went viral. The said hunk manager named Christopher Sengseng, a graduate from Angeles Foundation University, is now on the spotlight right after he became an internet sensation because of his photos around the web.

The photo was a hit by many social media users and Christopher became an instant online celebrity.


The photo gathered more than 19,000 likes, got more than 2,000 shares and more than hundreds of comments. Big numbers of girls are now jokingly asking for more gravy to be served on their table if he would be the one to assists customers.

Some admirers even stalked him and find his personal details.

Despite the fact that Christopher Sengseng is already married to Myhlles Anne Estacio, number of his admirers is still counting.

Other girls got no chill and talking about him leaving comments on his photo like:


Some posts comments are…


Many were from admirers, throwing in countless jokes about tasting his ‘gravy.’ Others commented that seeing the photos are a blessing to them so no one should deny the branch of KFC where Christopher is currently working.

One commenter wrote: “Saan to? Nang makapagpabuhos ng gravy sa buong katawan!!! Manok lang peg!”

One user said: “Kung ganiyan ba naman kasarap ang gravy eh hindi na ako ever bibili ng chicken sa KFC.”

Another user said: “Wag ipagdamot kung saang branch yan share your blessings.”

But regardless of the fame Christopher Sengseng is facing now, he honestly said that it still questionable for him why he gets so much attention. He and his family find it hard to deal with all the attentions they are getting. He admitted that it was difficult because his privacy is now an open book to public, seeing his private photos posted all over social media. He also said on an interview that her wife tends to be jealous a little because lots of girls look after him. But on top of everything, he said that he would be willing to accept offers when opportunities knock on his door.

So who is Christopher Sengseng? He started working at KFC just recently. But before he got married in 2012 and had a son to a beautiful wife, Christopher used to do modeling stint.

This made him the center of talks in social media. However, he and his family are now in the midst of trials due to fame he got. Becoming a famous one takes a courage to do so.