TV ads and commercials can put lingering taglines in our minds. In effect, these advertising campaigns can bring any product into fame and rising sales or profit. A famous commercial could also make its model an instant celebrity. Usually, only big companies and businesses can afford to put their product promotion on nationwide TV. This is because a recurring ad on TV may costs hundred thousands or millions of pesos. Expensive, isn’t it. But though this marketing campaign costs that high, the return on investment can be so rewarding. In the Philippines, TV commercials are part of the Filipinos way of life. We can see children mimicking commercial jingles and even teenagers having fun of those cool and humorous ads on TV.

Here’s the top 10 2014-present list of commercials that made a mark to every consumers.

1. ARIEL-(Finally, it’s 7.50) Ariel is the world’s leading detergent that epitomizes superior stain removal. Since 1999, they’ve continuously led other detergents in product innovation. But this year’s commercial jingle is really cathcy, a very happy jaunty 30-second TV commercial was launched by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, announcing that Procter & Gamble’s detergent product Ariel was available for only P7.50 in its brand new “Swakto sachet” packaging. The original song purchased for the commercial was “Finally,” CeCe Peniston’s first and biggest hit song of the 1990’s. It’s a perfectly chosen song for the Ariel jingle, with lyrics that go: “Finally, Ariel happened to me”. One wash clean sa labada for just 7.50. Finally, Ariel happened to me. Ang gaan sa bulsa coz it’s just 7.50. Beautiful, happy music and it’s sung so well.

2. DOWNY-(1 SCOOP 1 SACHET) Downy is a brand of fabric conditioner for almost a decade now, it is really good to know that they target to introduce to audience how good to wear fresh and soft fabric after laundry. This year’s TV ads talks about how consumer can save their money in just one scoop per sachet use. The song is catchy and LSS. Using one liner adlib lyrics made the song easy to convey the message. “Do the Higantipid move. Sa Downy Higantipid pack, sure makaka-save! Sali na sa 1 Scoop, 1 Sachet move ng Higantipid!” 

3. PALMOLIVE-(BOUNCE) Palmolive Naturals provides personal care products for both hair and body. It prides itself with its use of 100% natural extracts, and makes your every bath experience pleasurable! For a naturally beautiful you, go natural with Palmolive Naturals! With Janella Salvador, Liza Soberano and Julia Baretto as the endorsers of Palmolive, they have this chemistry that capture every Filipinis to really care for their hair. The song is nice, catchy and with the exposure given to the endorsers, it made it LSS, groovy and chill song that makes it unque.

4. ABS-CBN TV PLUS-(Mahiwagang Black Box) The “Mahiwagang Black Box” has been developed to work with all kinds of TV sets as long as it has an AV or RCA connector (and I don’t know any TV that doesn’t have those). On top of ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN Sports+Action, the ABS-CBN TVplus allows you to access four more exclusive free-to-air channels – namely, CineMo, DZMM TeleRadyo, Knowledge Channel, and Yey! – to offer viewers more choices and cater to every member of the family. once you connect it to your TV sets. Heard the song and seen the television commercial, but what does pop star Sarah Geronimo exactly mean when she sings “magbabago ang tingin niyo sa TV niyo?” The song is clear and catchy stating simple facts about the Black Box. Having Sarah Gernimo as the endorder singer of the song, the ad captures the heart of Filipinos. The melody is groovy and calm.

5. LACTACYD-(COOL & FRESH) Every woman has her own story and embarks on her personal journey every day. We do our best to balance our time our time between family, work, and everything else in between. Lactacyd understands this, which is why it came up with a full range of feminine care to suit the needs of different types of women. Lactacyd TV commercial featuring Anne Curtis who later came up on stage. With projects left and right, the pretty celebrity, who has already been in show business for 17 years, is as successful as ever. The secret perhaps lies in the way she exudes grace, strength, and confidence the very same ideals of a multi-faceted modern woman that Lactacyd pays tribute to in its latest range of intimate care solution. This ad is simple yet with glamour that suits to every women. With Anne Curtis as the endorser, it brings fame because of the celebrity identity, having the most numbered of followers in Twitter and Instagram.

6. NESTEA-(“SAY YES”) Nestle Philippines featuring Nestea Iced Tea where an office employee is doing a presentation in front of his boss until suddenly the powerpoint presentation malfunctioned and then everyone is suddenly participating into a what seemed to be a musical stint. This commercial is hilarious. Because of a situation which a lot of people can relate to this ads. It is catchy and fun.

7. NESFRUTA-(DALANDAN SENSES) Nesfruta Dalandan Senses TVC Featuring its endorsers Cheska Garcia-Kramer and adorable daughter Kendra Superstar. ♪ “Dan dan dan! Dalandan!” ♫ is really an LSS because it suited for kids and a special bonding with mother. So rhythmic and the tune sounds like a nursery rhyme to catch children’s attention.

8. Datu Puti-(Pares) This ads talks about being “bagay sa isa’t isa” with a twist of a love story. Started with a typical knowing each other til handling relationship plus a catchy acoustic sound of jingle that really captures the heart of every viewers.

9. BINGO ME & YOU-(SO LUCKY TO BE LOVED BY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD) Bingo creates the ad that will make people especially teenagers to believe that their is someone perfectly match for them. A teeny act of cuteness and candidness plus the song is acoustically sung by TJ Monterde “Treat You Right”.

10. JOY-(COMPLETE CLEAN GREASE) (BONJOY) Joy is a Proctor and Gamble product for dish washing. Michael V did a funny and comic ad by giving the “Bonjoy” tagline and a song that is more on novelty and upbeat. BONJOY! Gotta love how Noel Orosa of Campaigns & Grey comes up with crazy ideas like this one: a broad way-style musical instructional video!

TV advertising is usually out of sight. Because no matter what demographic your audience falls into, you can find appropriate programming on any one of the networks. Every station reaches every audience daily, with schedules that include cartoons, celebrity, talk, sports, soaps, news, movies, reality and prime time programs with corresponding great TV commercials that will capture every viewers.