This was first posted on my Facebook account months ago.

Working in a corporate world is not easy, in fact, there you will realize many things. Learn a lot and discover more as you explore the world.

Working in a BPO companies or what we commonly known as the call centers, is not easy. Let me share my experience working in BPO, not a typical,call center, but considered as call center since the company has the same set up with the BPO’s. Working in different shift from normal working hours is not really pleasing.

I am posting this note because of one overheard and witnessed conversation of two lovers inside the Starbucks-Galleria. Here’s how it goes:

She: sweety, I guess no again the couches.
He: no, don’t tell me, call center tambayan again.
She: look oh, see they are so dami. Call centers dapat not in Starbucks, they don’t have brains.
He: yeah right, alam lang magwala at magsmoke, magdrink and so…English lang salita. Unlike us, office works.

Then they left.

Their conversation made me irritable and sort of pissed off. Why? It is a sign of how rude they are. Let me clear this:

First, it’s not easy to work in call centers/BPO. Why?

* Graveyard shift- di madali magwork Sa gabi while the whole metro are sleeping. Ikaw kaya umalis ng house ng dis-oras ng gabi to go to work…people might think you work in a bar or somewhere…plus the dangers while traveling.

* Holiday work- di madali magwork na kapag holiday sa Pinas, ikaw nasa work kasi Hindi holiday ung bansa na account nyo Sa work. Kahit double pay yan, iba pa rin and holiday ng Pinas. Lahat ng pamilya nasa vacation, ikaw nasa work.

* English Policy- di madali magsalita ng English all the while. Tapos May QA at mga evaluation pa. Dapat tama ang accent at grammar. Or else, complains at IR.

Ilan lang yan Sa major reasons to know if you work in a call center.

For that couple, I wanna defend people who work in BPO. It is not easy for us to work in call centers but we are doing our best so we won’t be a burden to our country, next, we paid much taxes compared to those who work in regular working hours., another thing also is, we are not stupid, we are much knowledgeable in terms of communication and technological skills. Before we work, a lot of test stages we need to pass plus the training sand the everyday QA evaluations from supervisors. Speaking English is not a Filipino thing but we have to use it to give good and quality services to our clients. If you think we are stupid and laid back, poor you couple, because BPO workers are much intelligent, why, we work in diverse environment, from communication to handling conflicts we do that. From good to irate clients we handle them with care. Not allowed to be irate while talking to clients, solve the problem while processing the situation on the spot.

ESL teaching to Koreans or non English speakers companies are also consider BPO. It’s not even easy to teach level zero students who doesn’t know how to speak even a word yes. You have to be perky and nice and smart to your students even if you are pissed off or sick.

Now, the bottom line here is, we have different jobs to do, learn to respect first before judging and commenting because we don’t know what are they facing at their respective workplaces.

God bless BPO professionals.