1912373_10202733165517813_1494915194_nTime well we have 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in a hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. All this adds up in our lives to equal blessing for every breath we are allowed to have. Some did not get a first breath this morning and for us of those that did that is something to be thankful for. In our time spent in a day we can do many things or nothing at all. Time can be our enemy or it can be our ally. If you allow your past to haunt you and keep you from fulfilling God’s will in your life than this can be a problem. We are the only ones that keep us in a jail cell with an open door. We punish ourselves for what God sent His son to die for already (Romans 8:1).

Time can be our ally if we allow time to build a relationship with our heavenly father. In this relationship as a good father will teach his children to be the very best they can be. We also have to look at our heavenly father as a good earthly father that will always be there to protect his children from danger and the likes. One that will never let his children go hungry or naked. When we can see our father like this we can have a great faith that nothing or no one can take what was given to us. In time we can make it work for us if we work for the time to build a relationship that is everlasting. It is hard to think in this day and age that a relationship of any kind could be everlasting. One thing we can be sure of is that God wanted to spend forever with you so much that He gave His only son to do so (John 3:16) (John 14:2).

We might not think of God every second of our day but we can be sure that He thinks of us every second of our existence and can be sure that He is involved even in the smallest details of our lives. I encourage you today to take time to build that relationship so that time will be your ally and not your enemy! God waits for you to cast your every care and to place it at His feet (1 Peter 5:7) so that He can take them and remember them no more. He will replace every hurt with His all sufficient love for you who He calls His children.